Trust the banks? 

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As we are growing up we are taught to trust the banks and financial industry because they are there to help us, and while it’s true that some of the services can be beneficial, such as debt for businesses where they borrow to expand, improve or invest and the debt is re-payed with the profit made from the loan (self-liquidating loan), many of the services they push are designed to get people into debt for purchases they simply don’t need and are not self-liquidating, they are for purchases that will devalue over time while the debt becomes far greater than the value of the product it paid for.

You may have noticed how many more companies contact you if you are a good risk trying to get you to take out more loans from them. Once your loans are nearly paid or if you are struggling a little to pay the loans you already have then you will be offered additional loans or a loan to consolidate all the loans you’re struggling to pay off, into one big new loan, the whole system is based around debt and keeping people in debt for as long as possible because all that debt means the creation of new currency from that debt, and all the interest payments on it, that’s what the banks survive and thrive on.

Banks are not there for us, they are there to make vast profits from us, which pay for excessive bonuses, salaries, dividends and to purchase real assets such as gold & silver amongst other things. They also make huge profits from illegal practices involving overcharging, fraud, identity theft, market rigging and money laundering to name just a few.

Banks & bankers should not be blindly trusted with your savings.

Although you may not want to read through all the articles below, it should serve as a reminder that banking and crime are never too far apart, therefore we should not hold them in the high regard we are taught to and should always do our own research in to other means of saving where and whenever possible.

Below are just a few examples of recent cases of banker or banking criminality

This is just a quick snap shot of a few articles, it would probably be easy enough to update this list daily as the banks consider these fines as simply the cost of doing their usual business, they make far more from the illegal practices than they get fined and those in charge never go to prison so they simply carry on doing it, in fact if you’re a member of the financial club, it seems you can be a convicted criminal and still be promoted to the head of the World Bank. Most people with convictions like these wouldn’t be trusted to work on a checkout in a shop!…. We think you get the idea.


Christine Lagarde convicted: IMF head found guilty of criminal charges over massive government payout

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Wells Fargo agrees to $3 billion settlement over fake accounts

Barclays banker pleads guilty to part in £16m money laundering network

Deutsche Bank faces action over $20bn Russian money-laundering scheme

EU fines Barclays, Citi, JP Morgan, MUFG and RBS $1.2 billion for FX rigging

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