Gold vs Tax Free Cash ISA Savings comparison calculator.

UK National Savings & Investments Tax Free Cash ISA, is it worth it? If you had no alternative way to save for your future other than a tax free ISA, then it might be useful, but because a tax free ISA is a fiat saving product it is vulnerable to inflation caused by central banks creating new currency from nothing. Even though you pay no tax on your savings (which honestly doesn’t affect many people) the small interest rates given in comparison to the inflation rate will still leave you at a loss during many years of saving. You can use the sliders below to select how much you have saved each year in your tax free ISA and see what it is worth in real purchasing power today, compared to having saved in real money, Gold.

While it’s impossible to predict the value of gold, it is possible to state, as inflation continues to increase, any savings you have in fiat will continue to become worth less, and you will be getting poorer without even realising it. 

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