Gold vs Fiat Pension Savings Comparison Calculator

Use the input boxes below to change the values and compare the difference between buying Gold each month for your retirement and paying a pension provider to ‘look after’ your savings. We have included in the calculator, the historical yearly inflation rates and the monthly historical gold prices. There are obviously numerous variations on pensions which are impossible to accurately factor into any calculator so this is designed to give you an idea of the comparison based on the figures within it, the gold and inflation aspect will be accurate though as these historical, and are known. We are also unable to calculate your personal tax which will need to be paid on you savings or any transfer fees you will need to pay if you move provider or transfer a number of pensions into one. These will all reduce your final payment.

The offical rate of inflation each year is built into the calculator, but with many economists (not paid by the banks or governments) agreeing the real rate of inflation is somewhere between 5% – 10%, which is what we expericence in reality, we have included the Reality Check Inflation option where you can add a % above the official rate each year to get a more realistic outcome of how the purchasing power of your savings are being destroyed.

While it’s impossible to predict the value of gold, it is possible to state, as inflation continues to increase, any savings you have in fiat will continue to become worth less, and you will be getting poorer without even realising it. 

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