Our Pension savings, Bank account, Property price & Tax free cash ISA savings, comparison calculators.

While we obviously do not recommend you stop putting into a pension, we think you’ll find the returns from Gold compared to most passive fiat investment vehicles and bank account savings, which are destroyed by inflation and fees…. Quite interesting!

All our comparison calculators include, where applicable, the actual historical inflation rates, historical interest rates, and historical gold prices. But, as with all financial decisions, you should do your own research, and base your decisions on your individual situation. Our comparison calculators are designed to show you how Gold has performed, compared to a few of the savings or investments made by many of us, without knowing about Gold and how it can improve your financial future and financial freedom. We are showing you what the banking industry and retirement/pension industry have spent many years trying to hide from you. Because knowing this information, should you wish to learn more and act on it, helps you financially, not them!

Maybe it’s time to allocate some of your savings to gold, to better protect your purchasing power in the future.

Gold vs Pension Savings comparison calculator over, 30 years.

It’s impossible to predict the future value of gold the same as it’s impossible to predict the future returns from the stock market which would affect your pension at retirement age, but we can look back in time and base our example calculator on historical figures.

This comparison calculator is based on historical average salary in the UK between 1990 – 2020, we have included the actual inflation figures for the years and provided input boxes so you can adjust the percentage pension contributions made, the expected annual increase the pension provider would have advertised, and a monthly pension provider fee (typical figures are the default). We have also included historical monthly gold prices within the calculator and a box to adjust the fees to store and insure the gold monthly.

The calculator is designed to show the figures, based on your selections, of how 30 years of pension retirement savings with an annual increase generated by your pension pot linked to the stock market, but destroyed by compounded inflation and the fees charged by the provider, compares to the same monthly contribution allocated to simply buying gold and holding it.

Gold vs Bank account/Inflation Savings comparison calculator, over 50 years.

This is a simple comparison calculator that shows how your bank account savings are affected by interest and inflation, your nominal account balance compared to the actual purchasing power of your savings over the period of time.

Your nominal balance is what you see on your bank statement but this doesn’t reflect the actual debasement of your savings due to inflation or any taxes you may have to pay on any gains.

Gold vs Property price comparison calculator, over 50 years.

This comparison calculator is based on the historical UK property price, and the historical gold price over the last 50 years. We compare how the initial investment amount of each, has grown over time. We appreciate a property is not always purchased as an investment, it is a home, so the increase isn’t always relevant. But many people buy property for an investment, so we have included a seperate buy-to-let comparison calculator with the ability to add a yield to the growth of the property, the yield represents the rental income the property has achieved over the term, this is typically 6 percent, but you can set it to what ever you want. When adding the yield option, this will also take into account fees paid to a letting agent, which can also be changed to suit your experience.

As with many investments, the tax implications are extremely complex, so the results shown in this calculator should only be used as an example comparison, and not used as financial advice or planning. You should always do your own research.

Gold vs Tax Free cash ISA Savings comparison calculator, over 15 years.

This comparison calculator is based on the UK’s state owned savings bank Direct cash ISA from National Savings & Investment (NS&I). We have included all historical yearly tax free interest rates provided by NS&I, and historical inflation rates. The slider allows the maximum deposit for each year, which you can change to reflect what you have deposited in your own cash ISA over the years, for a comparison.

We have also included the Gold price on the April of each year and the equivalent amount of gold that your cash ISA savings could have purchased. The calculator will compare the current value of the total gold holding that would have been purchased over the term, compared to the inflation adjusted value of your tax free cash ISA savings.