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Below are a few reputable companies where you can buy physical Gold or silver online for delivery, or you can open an account to purchase allocated Gold and Silver depending on the provider, which is stored and insured for you in various vaults. We have only listed companies that hold your Gold in an allocated account, this is where your gold is specifically allocated to you, rather than you simply owning a claim to a portion of a pot of gold along with everyone else. To understand why this is important, click here.

If you are new to the process of buying Gold online, it may look and sound complicated, but once you are on the providers website you simply register for an account and the step by step process guides you through it quite easily. As Gold is a financial product, you will be required to go through the usual Know You Customer & Anti Money Laundering procedures as you would when setting up a bank account. Once your account has been verified, it is all very easy to start protecting any amount of your savings by converting your currency in to real money, Gold.


  • Tally is a currency tied to physical gold
  • Gold is proven to increase in value over time
  • Save and spend Tally just like pounds
  • Easy to use app and Tally Debit Mastercard
  • Accepted at 37 million merchants worldwide
  • No added foreign exchange fees (even at ATMs)

When funds are deposited into your account, those Pounds (or Euros or Dollars) automatically convert to Tally at the global gold wholesale price. Because each unit of Tally is one milligram of gold that belongs to you, which you can spend online or in person using your Tally App and Tally Debit Mastercard. Awesome, right?
Note the very first deposit into your Tally account needs to be from another bank account in your name. This is a security step that helps keep your money safe and sound.


You can use your Tally Debit Mastercard to withdraw money from your Tally bank account at cashpoints around the world. And we don’t charge you to do so – no matter which currency or country you’re transacting in. Because it’s, errrrr, your money.


Money that makes sense

Better money requires smart technology. And unlike most banks that profit from hidden fees and high interest charges, Tally’s fee structure is simple. There’s a one-off joining fee of £20 and an account keeping fee of 1% p.a. to cover the ongoing operational costs associated with your account. And that’s it. No transaction costs, no added foreign exchange markups when travelling abroad, and no fees for withdrawing cash from your Tally bank account using your Tally Debit Mastercard anywhere in the world.

Tally app


When you transfer funds from your Tally bank account to a non-Tally bank account, the funds automatically convert to the relevant fiat currency (i.e. Pounds, Euros). You can specify the amount you wish to send in Tally or type the equivalent local fiat currency amount, but your account will always be debited in Tally. You can also instantly send and receive funds to and from other Tally accounts.

Tally app1


  •  Physical gold and silver (high-quality bullion bars and coins)
  •  Secure storage outside the banking system
  •  Direct ownership (without intermediation)
  •  Ownership certificate issued in your own name by an independent third party
  •  Direct and personal access to the vaults
  •  Precious metals insurance
  •  Buyback program
  •  Shipping service
  •  Minimum investment: £10,000

Buy gold & silver bullion -


The storage certificate issued in your name by an independent company guarantees that the gold bars really exist. A storage company cannot issue a storage certificate unless the indicated quantities of gold or silver are physically present in their vault. A storage account is opened in the client’s name and a storage contract is signed between our clients and our storage partner. This means that, even in the case of our company going bankrupt, your assets are protected, because they do not appear on our company’s or our storage partner’s balance sheet at any time.

Storage outside of the banking system eliminates the risks of counterparty default (bankruptcy), bank account confiscations (bail-ins) and government confiscation, and permits access to one’s gold/silver quickly in the event of a temporary bank closure.


Owning gold is a form of financial insurance, so you need to possess it in the safest way possible in order to reduce counterparty risk. That’s why GoldBroker offers an alternative solution for investment and storage that eliminates any and all exposure to the risks associated with having intermediaries between investors and their precious metals, either at the level of ownership (direct) or storage (a storage account in your name). Our clients, as sole and unique holders of their precious metals, have full access to their stockpile and can withdraw it by going to the vault in person.



The Future of Precious Metals

OneGold is an innovative investment platform that provides investors with a modern alternative to buying gold, silver, and platinum. We have created a fast, easy, and cost-effective way of purchasing precious metals. Explore a new way to invest in precious metals with OneGold.

How it works

OneGold provides a modern alternative to buying precious metals. We accept a wide range of payment methods – including ACH, Bank Wires, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Bitcoin, PayPal, and even personal checks.

How buy or fund works in OneGold.

OneGold allows you to lock in your transaction at the current spot price and send the funds later. This means quick access to the fast-paced precious metals market.  We also accept ACH, credit card, Bitcoin and PayPal. You also have the option to connect your bank account for up to $100k in quick funding access.

OneGold was formed as a unique partnership between two of the world’s most notable precious metals businesses, APMEX and Sprott.


Bullion Vault

BullionVault lets private investors around the world access the professional bullion markets. You can benefit from the lowest costs for buying, selling and storing gold and silver.

Bars are stored in professional-market vaults in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore or New York. You choose where. Because of our size, you benefit from the low storage costs we have negotiated, which always include insurance.

You can sell at any time, without penalty, and your money will be wired the next business day. You can also withdraw your bars.

BullionVault is quick and easy. You could own any quantity of physical gold and silver bullion in about 2 hours.

It’s free to open an account and registration takes less than a minute. There’s no obligation to trade.

Bullion_Vault 1

Affiliate Disclosure. Some of the links to companies who provide Precious metals on this website are affiliate links, which means the provider will pay me a small commission for each introduction that comes from and there may be a benefit to you for using this link. It will not affect the price you pay and is just a small thank you from the provider for me introducing you to them. This small fee will help to fund this site in the future and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my website and for using the links provided.

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